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    Brand: Benefit
    Benefit from Benefit lipstick and blush:The lip color and transparent cheeks from benetent that add beauty to the lips.Its formula adds a perfect long-lasting radiance in pink to all skin types, the most beautiful flax you can get from a bottle...
    S.R 158 S.R 135
    Brand: Benefit
    Benefit benefit lip tint and Blush:Add a bold touch to your makeup with a blush-colored cheeks and lips.Vigor Gogotint gives you instant freshness to the cheeks and lips with a glamorous splash of color that does not smudge.The translucent liquid stain lasts all day, giving you the best rosy touch e..
    S.R 158 S.R 135
    Benefit Lolin Blush and Lipstick - 10 ml
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    Brand: Benefit
    Benefit Lolin Blush and Lipstick - 10ml:Add an attractive touch to your makeup with pink blush and lip color as candy color.Lolin helps you give you a lively look and freshness to the cheeks and lips by touching it gently from the firm, unstained color.The translucent liquid stain lasts all day, giv..
    S.R 158 S.R 135
    Brand: Bourjois
    Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation :For a healthy looking complexion, Lasts all dayAnti-age formula with a blend of vitamin C that gives anti-fatigue effect, vitamin E that performs anti-oxidant action, and vitamin B5 that tonifies the skinContains hyaluronic acid derivative that provides 24-hour ..
    S.R 75 S.R 45
    Brand: OFRA
    Ofra lighting and highlighter powder:Ofra Beverly Hills Highlighter and Highlighting Powder, in varying five colors and shining texture, giving your complexion a shiny, luminous complexion.You can use each color alone or combine colors to get bright light.It comes in a box suitable for your makeup b..
    S.R 148 S.R 123
    Brand: Benefit
    Lighting WhatsApp from Benefit:Benefit highlighter in soft creamy textured and bright golden color.This cream gives you a soft velvet layer, as its formula turns into a powder that suits all skin types.Highlight your features with this charming incandescent blending brush to accentuate and define fa..
    S.R 165 S.R 148
    Brand: MAC
    MacFX Fix Plus Spray from Mac:Mac Spray contains water in addition to green tea, chamomile, cucumber and some minerals and vitamins.With a light texture on the skin, you can use it as a primer to prepare the skin before applying make-up or a refreshing sprayer during the day...
    S.R 115 S.R 96
    Mavala Double Lash Care Mascara - 10 ml
    Hot -12 %
    Brand: Mavala
    Mavala Double Lash Care Mascara:Mavala Eye Lashes Mascara gives your lashes a nutritious, natural formula rich in essential vitamins and proteins.Mavala Mascara works to strengthen eyelashes and eyebrows as well, ensuring a more intense natural result.An ideal choice for longer, thicker and stronger..
    S.R 75 S.R 66
    Anastasia Beverly Hills modern Renaissance eye shadow palette:The Modern Renaissance collection of irreplaceable eye shades, consists of 14 shades of neutral between neutral to raspberry.The eye shadow gives you a matte between a matte dark lavender color and a brown metallic finish, and its dyed fo..
    S.R 210 S.R 175
    Brand: NARS
    Nars Concealer Creamy Concealer:A creamy concealer from Nars that enhances skin radiance, ideal for all skin types, instantly hides imperfections, lines, wrinkles, dark circles and dark marks and signs of fatigue.Its ultra-soft, lightweight, hydrating mixture formula provides medium to full coverage..
    S.R 165 S.R 145
    Oz Natural Facial Halyork Serum - 30 ml
    Hot -15 %
    Brand: Oznaturals
    Ozone Natural Halyork Acid Serum for Face:Oz Naturals Serum for the face, restores the healthy glow of your skin, moisturizing the skin, filling fine lines and wrinkles, and stimulating the skin to produce more collagen to make it more elastic and full.It comes in a unique formula of halyloric acid,..
    S.R 86 S.R 73
    Oz Natural Facial Serum Vitamin C - 30 ml
    Hot -15 %
    Brand: Oznaturals
    Clean and prepare the skinThen apply one thin layer of serum to the specific skin or areaAllow it to dryYou can then apply moisturizing creamFor better results: apply it twice a dayVitamin C Serum for Face from Oz Natural:Oz Naturals Serum for the face, restores the healthy glow of your skin as it w..
    S.R 86 S.R 73
    Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palette set:An indispensable eye shadow collection, consisting of 14 shades between neutrals to warm browns.The eye shadow gives you a look that ranges from matte dark berry color to pink metallic shine.This kit comes with a two-way eye shadow brush. In addition to ..
    S.R 210 S.R 175
    Hermès Twilly D'hermes:An impertinent scent with a free spirit in which the character of ginger and a surprising tuberose interweave.The top note is Zenzero, then move on to a heart of Tuberosa, which closes in a Sandalo base...
    S.R 618 S.R 342
    DESCRIPTIONPREP-SET-GLOW It's time to get glowing! Prep-Set-Glow is a gorgeous hydrating mist that feels refreshing and contains light reflecting properties that leaves the skin with ICONIC's glow.This stunning multi-use spray can be used to prep the skin before applying make-up, set a fin..
    S.R 165 S.R 148
    Brand: BECCA
    Bekaa Shimmer Skin Perfection Liquid Light by Becca:Becca Highlighter, compact creamy liquid texture to accentuate your look, with a shiny, shiny touch.It features a unique formula that is inspired by sunlight and enriched with nano pearl beads that reflect light in order to enhance the glow of your..
    S.R 188 S.R 140
    Flora Georges Gardenia perfume by Gucci for women:A floral fragrance for modern women. All the perfumes from the luxurious Flora Garden collection embody a different aspect of this attractive woman.This perfume embodies a different selection of a woman, "Flora Garden", the secret fragrant garden..
    S.R 415 S.R 332
    Acqua Di Parma Colonia Ebano For Men :A woody fragrance for Men, it was released in 2017.Contains notes of petitgrain, bergamot, resins,red pepper, honey, ebony, patchouli and vetiver.A unique & rich blend that lasts all day...
    S.R 924 S.R 527
    Acqua Di Parma Colonia Leather For Men :A unique & rich fragrance for Men that was released in 2014.Contains notes of Brazilian orange, lime, rose, petitgrain, leather, atlas cedar & wood.A special blend that lasts all day...
    S.R 991 S.R 508
    Acqua Di Parma Colonia Mirra For Men :An oriental & woody fragrance for Men that was released in 2017.Contains notes of citruses, orange blossom, nutmeg, myrrh, patchouli & amber.A unique & rich scent that lasts all day...
    S.R 907 S.R 527
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