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    Brushes and tools

    An ultra-luxurious and soft brush to apply loose and pressed powder and bronzer..
    S.R 93
    Brand: Anastasia
    Anastasia Beverly Hills A12 Pro Brush – Small Contour Brush is a small, round fluffy makeup brush with natural fibers that is ideal for seamlessly applying and blending powder makeup on the eyes and face. This pro artist brush features a round shape that ..
    S.R 80
    Real Techniques eye brushes collection:Real Techniques original brushes set for face and eye makeup that helps you distribute your makeup with precision and care.It comes with synthetic bristles and a brush handle made of light and comfortable aluminum.A perfect travel-friendly kit to give your make..
    S.R 95
    Real Techniques 5 Piece Makeup Brush Set - Violet:A perfect collection of Real Techniques eye brushes to suit your basic needs when applying makeup.It comes with high-quality synthetic filaments in a bag to keep it suitable for work and travel.A perfect collection to get a sparkling result for your ..
    S.R 95
    Anastasia Beverly Hills double eyebrow brush:Brow brush from Anastasia Beverly Hills, double beveled brush to ensure you get a natural brow look.It comes with two double heads: a beveled brush head with high-quality synthetic bristles, and another wavy tip to ensure color combinations.An ideal choic..
    S.R 95
    Anastasia Beverly Hills double eyebrow brush:Brow brush from Anastasia Beverly Hills, double brush to ensure you get a natural brow look.It comes with two double heads: a bevelled brush head with soft synthetic bristles with a very thin edge. And another wavy head ensures color fusion.A perfect choi..
    S.R 95
    Anastasia Beverly Hills lighting distribution brush:This brush comes with soft, natural bristles ideal for lighting distribution.You can put the lighting in a gentle, circular motion on the cheekbones, eyebrows or neck,It will give you unparalleled brilliance...
    S.R 125
    Brand: Elf
    DescriptionPerfect to Use with Powder, Creams, and Gel Formula for a Polished LookThe Soft, Synthetic Bristles are Vegan-Friendly and Easy to CleanSuggested UseUse the wand end and brush hair into shape. Following the natural arch fill in any sparse areas of the brow with the angled brush by using s..
    S.R 25
    Expert brush from Real Techniques:Real Techniques Face Brush, brush with precision bristles to give you full coverage and professionalism.It features an ideal design to ensure you carry it smoothly.And because it is considered a comprehensive professional face brush, you can apply it with all forms ..
    S.R 55
    Expert Expert Concealer Brush
    Out Of Stock
    Expert Expert Concealer Brush from Real Technique:A brush used to hide blemishes under the eyes and around the nose.Ideal for integrating and distributing concealer naturally...
    S.R 45
    Precision angled brush used for concealers, liquid and cream eyeliner, and for powdery shades...
    S.R 52
    A pointed, chamfered brush designed for foundation, liquid blush and contour..
    S.R 73
    Brand: Inglot
    Inglot Eye Liner Brush:Thanks to its professional design, it brushes your eyeliner specifically and smoothly.It comes with high-quality bristles, you can apply liquid beauty products, gel or even soft powder.Perfect choice for specific eyes...
    S.R 78
    Instapop Face Brush by Real Techniques
    Out Of Stock
    Instabob Face Brush by Real Technique:Real Technique's Facial Brush will give you flawless makeup look. You can use it to get full coverage, or with powder, or liquid cosmetics. Easy to use for professional makeup. Easy to clean and lasts a long time...
    S.R 55
    Instekop Cheek Brush by Real Techniques
    Out Of Stock
    Instekop Cheek Brush by Real Technique:Real Techniques Blush Brush for a perfect makeup look. The brush is designed to cover the cheek in a blush color with the right amount and perfect one-touch. In addition, it is suitable for use with face lighting as well. You will get perfect makeup without ble..
    S.R 55
    Merkel Makeup Sponge by Real Techniques:A wonderful sponge from Real Techniques, to distribute the foundation and integrate it with professionalism.It comes in 3 different sides to cover the face, one side to cover areas around the eyes and nose, and the precise side to cover it, ideal for skin impe..
    S.R 37
    Brand: MARBLE
    Marble Beveled Merge Brush:  Brush designed with a pointed tip to precisely apply powder.You can sculpt and accentuate the contours of your face with a silky touch. In addition, you can use it for bronzer and highlighter.A perfect choice for a brush that flattens your face professionally...
    S.R 60
    Brand: MARBLE
    Marble Foundation Brush:  This tool will help you shine with a natural makeup look with no flaws.The bristles perfectly pick up any kind of loose or creamy makeup without absorbing it.In addition, the thick brush handle facilitates application and enables you to hold the brush with ease and con..
    S.R 60
    A brush used for applying liquid, powder and fluff..
    S.R 49
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